About Us

The idea of Travellino was from Enrico Chellino, our founder. He began to express his passion for travelling through his travel blog to tell his travelling story. Later, it converted into the idea of creating Travellino, a tour with the vision to offer hospitality, places, and cultures through unforgettable experiences to bring out the best in the destinations. He wants people to experience the way he defined the essence of travel: the whole experience and the authenticity of destinations.


This is how Enrico met Alfonso, his counterpart. Alfonso just graduated from his study in Australia and decided back to Indonesia. During his time in Sydney, his passion for travel grew as he explored other parts of Australia and New Zealand many times for a holiday. Alfonso frequently became a guide for his friends when they visit Sydney. Then, he kept his hidden desire to create a travel company until he met with Enrico. From this 'unexpected' meeting, Alfonso decided to join Enrico as a co-founder to grow Travellino together.


Since the beginning, our passion is creating a once-in-a-lifetime journey for our guests; a journey to offer hospitality, places, and cultures through an unforgettable experience. Our company journey starts from Indonesia to promoting authentic destinations, such as Bali, Komodo, and Yogyakarta. We have extensively handled our guests, from honeymoon couples to families, and small groups. We love to curate every single detail of the guest's request, from the marriage proposal at the secluded Amanwana Resort, the three-week family gateway at Bali, the cultural immersion and spiritual healing trip at Borobudur and Yogyakarta, to the couples sailing journey in Komodo National Park. Starting in 2022, as the international borders re-open, we are excited to open international destinations for our guests. We look forward to serving you soon!

Enrico Chellino

Alfonso Adityo Buwana

About Enrico

Enrico was a hotelier with experience working in Bali. He loves Japan as a destination outside of Indonesia because of its authenticity and uniqueness in every region. More than 3x times visited Japan. From this experience, Enrico reflected that people should explore Indonesia and its beautiful nature. He is in love with the authenticity of the destination and wants people to experience what he believes is the essence of travel. Enrico travelled to various places in Indonesia, including Bali many times, Komodo, the secluded Moyo Island, and the diving-haven Derawan Islands.

About Alfonso

Alfonso was also previously a hotelier with some experience in Indonesia and Australia. With his passion for developing the personalise service experience and travelling, Alfonso wants every guest who travels with Travellino to get the personal touch and explore places with peace of mind. Alfonso has explored numerous parts of Indonesia, including visiting Bali many times and lesser-known destinations like Moyo Island, and other continents, such as Europe, Africa, and Australia.

Our Services

Private Trip

A whole experience tour, exclusively for your family, relatives, and friends.

Tailor Made

Designed to fit your schedule and interest. 100% customise, exceptional experience, handpicked guides, and lodging with characters.

Luxury Resorts

Our handpicked selections of luxury resorts to give you exceptional experience while staying.

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