The country with its own unique melting pot of Berber, Romans, and Arabian cultural influence, shape the present Morocco. With its own unique geography, Morocco presents fascinating history. Coastal cities of Casablanca, the most populous cities in Morocco, inspired from the French and Moorish style architecture. Then Marrakech, famous for its souk (markets), wonderful gardens, such as, Jardin Majorelle, and home to the majestic palaces that lift the city soul. Find some of the luxury resorts inside the city of Marrakech to elevate your Moroccan encouter. Fes, the largest cities in Morocco by land area and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cultural epicenter of Morocco with its famous walled Medina, the largest Medina in North Africa. Many more places to visit and experience in Morocco, such as:


• Explore the ruin of Volubilis, an ancient city of Berber – Roman city
• Desert camp experience at Merzouga, the gate to the Sahara Desert
• The charming blue city of Chefchaouen, a picturesque mountain-city
• Visit the Medina of Fes. Furthermore, visit on every Medina in any Moroccan city
• Hammam spa experience, a traditional signature Moroccan bath
• Explore the souk in Marrakech; the main square of Jemaa el-Fnaa market
• Stay in Riad, the romantic Moroccan traditional house


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