Terms & Conditions of Booking

Booking Procedures for All Tour Departures

1. Guest is compulsory provide the identification data based on the National ID Card/KITAS/KITAP holders or Passport.
2. Guest must fulfil all requirements of documents and data based on the schedule and regulations from the designated countries.
3. Passports must be valid for six (6) months after the completion of your journey and have blank pages for the stamps in the immigration.
4. For any document-related problems, such as Visa, Police Check, et cetera that may cause the tour to be rescheduled or cancelled, an extra charge applies.
5. It is compulsory for every guest to sign up for the travel insurance to cover any worst scenarios; from travel accidents, medical, baggage loss, and cancellation.
6. If any unexpected circumstances occur, for instance, force majeure and any circumstances beyond control during the tour, Travellino has the right to rearrange the tour program, including transportation, sightseeing, place of interest, and accommodations.
7. Any special requests such as dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, no pork, etc.), adjoining/connecting rooms, early check-in, late check-out, etc. Please notify our team during the reservation process. Travellino does not guarantee the availability of dietary requests due to confirmation/availability according to the hotel/restaurant in the destination.

Hotel and Resort Booking Procedures

1. Guest is compulsory provide the identification data based on the National ID Card/KITAS/KITAP holders or Passport.
2. Guest must fulfil our guest form provided by our travel consultant.
3. Check-in time between 14.00 and 15.00, check-out time 12.00 noon at the local time.
4. Room rates are subject to change based on the hotel's or resort's discretion. Travellino cannot guarantee the rate unless the guest is confirmed and paid for the room.
5. Any particular properties are available for complimentary room upgrades, such as Hyatt Privé properties, Design Hotels properties, and Aman properties. However, room upgrade is subject to the hotel's or resort's discretion and require an additional payment for the guarantee upgrade.

Payment Procedures for All Tour Programs

1. Down payment is non-refundable.
2. Any tailor made tour arrangement requires USD 500 deposit for the tailor made initial fee, as the first deposit. Please contact our travel consultant for more info.
3. 30% - 50% down payment required to secure to tour arrangement. The down payment scheme depends on the guest travel arrangement program.
4. If the down payment has been paid, the guest is declared to understand and agree to Travellino's terms and conditions.
5. Final payment balance is due 60 days prior to arrival.
6. The tour price may adjust if there are any circumstances, such as currency fluctuation, new local government policies, and any events beyond Travellino's control.
7. Travellino reserves the right to cancel the guest's reservation if the guest is not complete the payment scheme based on the payment due date.
8. There will be possibilities of rate increase between the time of booking, time of payment, and when the confirmation has been made. Any additional cost will designate to the guest.

Any Changes for the Trip Plan and During the Trip

1. Any modification to the trip plan must be consulted with Travellino's travel consultant. There will be a possibility of an additional fee applies.
2. Guest cannot modify the trip without Travellino's notice.
3. Travellino reserves to modify any itineraries of the guest at any time during unexpected circumstances that happened beyond Travellino's control. It includes transportation, tour arrangement, and other arrangements that possible affect the journey.
4. If any changes occur regarding the opening time of the place of interest, national park, and any type of transportation that link to the specific places, the Travellino team will rearrange the tour.

Cancellation Policies

1. Any cancellation fees is depending on the circumstances and our local partners terms & conditions.
2. Cancellation also applies for:
a. Guests who are changing the departure date or changing the tour arrangement for the personal reason.
b. Guests who are late to submit the visa requirement from the due date, therefore the guest cannot depart on time.
c. Cancellation by one of the parties (participants or Travellino) due to unexpected conditions, such as loss, damage, disruptions, transportation delays, natural disasters, etc., the tour will be changed and are non-refundable. Tour cost does not include any additional expenses caused by conditions out of control.
d. Travellino reserves the right to cancel the registration of participants who have not paid an advance or payment according to the specified deadline.
3. Any cancellation because of natural disasters, wars, disease outbreaks, terrorist acts, riots, and other “force majeure”. Force Majeure: an event that occurs beyond human capability and cannot be avoided so that an activity cannot be carried out as it should. Circumstances beyond Travellino and Travellino's local partners control.


Travellino will try to provide the best service. However, Travellino and our partners are not responsible for:
1. Time losses, any trip schedule changes or additional fees due to failures, disruptions, and delays in aircraft/train/other types of transportation so that they cannot leave/arrive at the destination on the specified day/time.
2. Another unexpected incident beyond our abilities to cope with it.
3. Any loss of personal belongings, luggage, entrusted goods at the airport, hotel, and criminal acts occurs to tour participants during the trip, beyond Travellino's control.
4. Guest participates in any extreme activities and any excursion involving the animal during the tour, such as bungee jumping, paragliding, rafting, zipline, horse riding, dog sleigh, hot air balloon, helicopter flight, scuba diving, spear fishing, and any other activities considered as high risk, guest reserves to be responsible for their safety and health by following the standards and procedures.

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